Creating a Dialogue Between the Past and the Future

Be in an absorbent frame of mind. Take the best from everything. William Merritt Chase

Alfstad& is a production company that mines the past and faces the future to create state-of-the-art artwork and produce multidimensional art shows.

The company was founded in Sarasota, Florida, by Sam Alfstad, who spent most of his career as a creative director at advertising agencies in New York City, then started a marketing agency, The Alfstad Blank Group (TA_G).

In 1998, Sam moved to the internet, co-founding eMarketer, now a leading source of information on digital marketing. In addition, he is a director of Beehive Ventures and sits on several boards, including the non-profit, Art Connects New York.

While Sam represents the “Alfstad” part of Alfstad&, it is the “&” part of the name that is most important. That begins with Casey Alfstad and Keith Alvarado, who manage the studio and oversee day-to-day business operations. But & are also the artists, designers, producers, curators, fabricators, animators, technologists, videographers and writers who create Alfstad&-branded products. Each will be fully credited, and listed in on-piece documentation.

Alfstad would be nothing without the &. The & would be nowhere without the ground-breaking artists and thinkers who have gone before.

If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. Isaac Newton