Andrea Dasha Reich


Andrea Dasha Reich, born in Prague and schooled at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, is a contemporary, abstract artist residing in Sarasota. She is widely recognized for her pioneering work in epoxy resins.   


Inspired by organic shapes in nature and the Bauhaus-influenced architecture of Prague, Reich's abstract artworks are interplays of rich-color spectrums that explore the depth and intimacy of the world we live in. A prolific multimedia artist, she utilizes pure pigments and layers of epoxy resins to create work that pulls the viewer into mysterious realms of curiosity and surprise.

“The most evident aspect of Andrea Dasha Reich’s work is its seemingly unrehearsed look, its improvisational, ebullient feel,” writes Dominique Nahas, a curator and critic based in New York City. “This spontaneous aspect is matched by the same freshness that punctuates Matisse’s work: one that is filled with presentness, with immediacy and with aliveness all the while preserving that balance of universality and particularity, ephemerality and timelessness.”

The works of Andrea Dasha Reich have been featured in solo and group art exhibitions across the United States, and are displayed in private and corporate collections around the world.

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