Bruna Stude: Shark Fin Soup

October 1-30,  2015

Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-5:00 PM

Alfstad& Contemporary presents BRUNA STUDE: Shark Fin Soup, the inaugural show of its third season. The internationally recognized ocean photographer Bruna Stude invites viewers on a sublime journey under and through the water, and at the same time challenges them to consider exactly is what is being lost, particularly sharks, which a recent National Geographic article claimed are being killed at the rate of 100 million per year – to make soup in China.

Shark Fin Soup features mesmerizing photographs that capture images of the ocean in a seemingly infinite number of ways in Stude’s signature formats of platinum and palladium prints using a minimal palette of silver, black and white. The title of the show, and accompanying installation, references the Chinese delicacy that has brought an entire species to the brink of extinction, and captures the essence of what is wrong with how homo sapiens relate to the natural environment. Each hand-printed, yellow-and-red block print represents one day of the year, cataloged with the number of sharks killed that day, ending on December 31st.

Opening Night Reception: October 1, 2015
Friday Evening, 5:30-8:00pm
Hors d’oeuvres, Pastries and Fine Wine

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Shark Fin Soup Preview