About Andrea Dasha Reich

Andrea Dasha Reich is a contemporary, abstract artist currently residing in Sarasota, Florida.

Born in Prague to Holocaust survivors, Reich was subjected to post-war shortages and the Communist regime's repression. Her father’s fight against the government eventually resulted in the family's eviction from their homeland. Leaving the dark world of Czechoslovakia behind, she suddenly found herself in Jerusalem, a place saturated with sunlight and vibrant colors. The change had a profound affect on the young woman.

It took a while for Reich to adjust. She needed time to internalize the blend of different cultures:  industrial Bauhaus architecture with Middle Eastern shapes and textures, a mix of the super new and the eternal ancient. But slowly Reich's personal vision fell into place. 

In Israel, she attended the world renowned Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and there her passion for art was born and bloomed. It was to became the driving passion of her life.

At nineteen, Reich left Jerusalem and migrated to America, landing in New York City. It was to be her home and the place where she would develop a career in the Fashion and Design Industry. But, while she enjoyed many professional successes, her passion continued to beckon. Ideas were developing in her mind's eye. Eventually, she opened her first studio and dedicated herself to crafting and developing artwork. 

Today, she is internationally recognized for her pioneering work in epoxy resins. 

“The most evident aspect of Andrea Dasha Reich’s work is its seemingly unrehearsed look, its improvisational, ebullient feel,” writes Dominique Nahas, a curator and critic based in New York City. “This spontaneous aspect is matched by the same freshness that punctuates Matisse’s work: one that is filled with presentness, with immediacy and with aliveness all the while preserving that balance of universality and particularity, ephemerality and timelessness.”

As Reich herself has written, "I live in every painting that leaves my studio. If you look deep into my work, you can see how I try to pull you, like a hypnotic wheel, into the layers that I create. Each is a small tiny slice of the pieces of the world, people and life that I was so fortunate to brush my hand over. "

The work of Andrea Dasha Reich has been featured in solo and group art exhibitions across the United States, and is displayed in private and corporate collections around the world.


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