Reimagining How to Make and Market Art.



Art is the epitome of imagination, the model of the creative mind. But…

At a time when Facebook and Myspace, YouTube and Vimeo, Tumblr and Behance display the creative work of artists around the world, sources estimate there are 45,000 unrepresented artists in New York City, same for London, and hundreds of thousands more around the globe. While Richter, Hirst, Koons, Murakami and a handful of other artists have incomes in the millions, millions of artists generate little or no income from their art.

Something is wrong with the business model of art. While it works well for a few, for too many artists…it doesn’t.

It is time for an alternative.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, Alfstad& is exploring new ways to produce art, collaborate with artists and promote multidimensional art exhibitions.

Our goal is to reimagine how to make and market art – to create a new business model for art.

Watch this space to see how we are doing.