Félix de la Concha Commissioned Artwork

Félix de la Concha Paints Frank Lloyd Wright’s House on the Waterfall (click image for large view)
At the Foot of the Falls, 2007 | 7 pc  polyptych / approx 7' x 24' ft  | Oil on canvas

It took Félix a year and a half to paint the entire series, he would return to the site several times, staying for a few weeks each trip to capture the house in every season.

The full series has been shown at the State Museum of Pennsylvania, Price Tower Arts Center, the Kraus House in St. Louis, Florida Southern College’s Melvin Gallery, and Concept Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is now on permanent display at the Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For more information, download PDF Here

Felix de la Concha paints the Executive Campus of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (click image for large view)
Panorama WBZ. Through the Looking-Glass, 2013 | 10 pc Polyptych / approx 3’ x 32’ ft | Oil on canvas 

View from the outside.

This painting is a metaphor for the place of its placement, as it was done “in place,” “at the place,” and “for the place” where it is permanently on display as part of the University of St.Gallen’s art collection. 

Detail with one of the perspectives on Tony Cragg's sculpture.

For more information on this project, watch the video below, or download the full PDF Here