About James Bullough

James Bullough channels the spirit of street art into large-scale figure paintings. 

Starting with realistic depictions, his figures are almost photographic. However, Bullough creates disruptions in the overall image that alters the shape of the figures. Dramatically cutting through his compositions, splashes of paint slice across the surface. In some paintings, he leaves out whole chunks of the figure’s body. The parts of the composition he omits form a new dynamic as disembodied fragments hurl across the canvas.

Although Bullough’s paintings are painted in oil, he is famous for his skills with spray paint.

Originally from Washington D.C., he moved to Berlin, home of hundreds of talented street artists. Yet even in a city filled with amazing murals, Bullough’s work stood out. His combination of hyperrealism and fractured imagery demanded attention. Influenced by urban graffiti, the artist creates work that embodies the flavor of the streets mixed with incredible technical skill. His epic murals loom over cityscapes, traffic and pedestrians around the world.

From 2011-2013 Bullough worked under the name of JBAK with fellow-American Addison Karl. Together the duo gained attention for their large-scale murals throughout Germany and America.

In 2014 Bullough introduced his newest project.  As co-creator and host of VantagePoint Radio, a bi-weekly interview show focused on Urban Contemporary art and the artists who are energizing the genre, he highlights the lives and techniques of groundbreaking artists in today’s contemporary art landscape.

Currently, Bullough lives in Berlin and works independently, balancing his time between murals and studio work.


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