Marsha Kazarinov-Owett: Blowing in the Wind Opens at Alfstad& Contemporary

SARASOTA, FL - Flowers become subjects of unexpected intensity in Marsha Kazarinov-Owett’s: Blowing in the Wind, a new photographic exhibition opening December 11 and running through January 22 at Alfstad& Contemporary.

“Marsha focuses her camera on the same content photographers have been shooting for nearly 200 years – flowers,” says Sam Alfstad. “Yet her images are startling new.”

In her first Sarasota showing, the artist displays 29 images captured with long exposures – three single-shot images and six sequential series shot as the flowers blew back and forth in the wind. The resulting streaks of color create a turbulence of emotional uncertainty, a feeling of being flung about on the whims of atmospheric forces.

“The camera captures forms which typically move faster than the eye can process,” says Kazarinov-Owett, “because the human eye is constantly changing focus in order to see three dimensions.”

In her photographs, Kazarinov-Owett suggests brushstrokes through in-camera movements that draw on her training in Action Painting and Abstract Expressionism.

“The photographs in the show display Marsha’s fascination with peripheral vision and spatial compositions of light and reflection,” says Alfstad. “Each dazzles.”

She weaves these fragments together through an exhaustive editing process, first shooting hundreds of images and then transitioning the images from lens, to screen, to physical space.

“I am nature’s curator,” says Karaninov-Owett. “I do not disturb or rearrange what I photograph.”

Marsha Kazarinov-Owett: Blowing in the Wind runs December 12 – January 22. The public is invited to the Opening Night Reception on Thursday, December 11, 2015, 5:30-8:00pm. Alfstad& Contemporary is located at 1419 5th Street in Sarasota, Florida.  

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