IceHouse Unveils Sarasota Artists: All In The Family

Multidimensional Show Examines the Complexities and Expansive Nature of Artistic Familial Relationships

SARASOTA, FL, January 9, 2014: Opening at IceHouse on January 10th, Sarasota Artists: All in the Family is a multidimensional show that delves into the complexities and artistic relationships of fathers, daughters and sons, all accomplished artists. The show runs through January 19th.

The exhibition features installations, paintings, videos, sculptures, drawings and prints, created by four Sarasota artist fathers and their offspring – highlighting the works of Mark Anderson and his son Jarrod and daughter Sorine; Kevin Dean and his daughter and son, Molly and Ian; Patrick Lindhardt and his son Matthew; and Steve Strenk and his daughter Bianca Rylee.

Using videos, quotes, family photographs and timelines, viewers will become immersed in not only the 120 works of art on display, but also the artists and their stories. “I set out to examine the artists and wondered how family influences shaped their passion and creativity,” states show curator Tim Jaeger. “When they viewed art as a family, did they discuss it? When they created art individually, did they critique it? This exhibit displays the result of those artistic familial relationships.”

Two daughters displaying their art in the show – Bianca Rylee and Molly Dean – admit their creative fathers have influenced their artistic lives. “Some of my first memories are of my dad in his studio. I remember him painting,” recalls Bianca. “Later, I realized I never wanted to do exactly what he was doing, but I knew I wanted to create things.”

Molly’s art education also began early. “It was inescapable,” she says, noting that most of her deep discussions about art were pretty one-sided while on her way to school – in a car – with her father. “His main lesson was don’t be passive. Always think. Think about the quality of the art, both visually and metaphorically.”

The show also includes a presentation by Kevin Dean entitled “The History of Artist Relationships”, January 15, 7-8:30 pm and a panel discussion and Q&A session with the artists on January 16, 7-8:30pm. Curator Tim Jaeger will moderate.

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