Reimagining Sarasota Chalk Artists Art

Alfstad& Productions and the Sarasota Chalk Festival Collaborate to Add a New Dimension to How the Public Perceives “Street” Artists

Sarasota, FL, September 19, 2013Alfstad& Productions will unveil its first show ‘Reimagining the Sarasota Chalk Festival Artists,’ with an Opening Reception, November 14th, at its new exhibition space, the Ice House. Presented in collaboration with the world-renowned Sarasota Chalk Festival, this 10-day curated exhibition will showcase the works of artists from the world’s most important contemporary chalk festival, where artists use the pavement as their canvas, and chalk as their medium.

“Sarasota is going to see the work of these artists in a whole new way,” says Sam Alfstad of Alfstad& Productions.

“The Sarasota Chalk Festival has debuted many new techniques and technologies in street painting,” states Denise Kowal, Artistic Director and Event Chair of the Sarasota Chalk Festival. “We are proud to be setting the pace once again by moving the art of these fine artists from the sidewalk to the walls of the Ice House. The gallery environment will add a new dimension to the audience’s understanding and enjoyment of their work.”

“These artists are often seen only as street artists when, in fact, their studio works are shown in leading museums and sold throughout the world,” adds Denise. “We believe the show will help Sarasota art lovers view and ‘re-imagine’ the work of these multi-talented artists.”

“We are honored to be affiliated with Denise and the Sarasota Chalk Festival for our first exhibition at the Ice House,” says Sam. “Providing an indoor exhibition space will display the wide range of these artists’ work and—for the first time in Sarasota—give the public an opportunity to view and purchase their art.”

“This is a terrific collaboration between two organizations committed to enhancing the Sarasota art scene with new ideas and broad participation, including local and worldwide artists,” says Casey Alfstad, Creative Director at Alfstad&. “Even after the Chalk Festival ends, ‘Reimagining the Sarasota Chalk Festival Artists’ will exhibit for another six days to extend the artists’ exposure, publicize their individual brands and sell their art.”

The combination of the Sarasota Chalk Festival and the Sarasota Chalk Show provides an opportunity to view the work of the world’s finest chalk artists outdoors—and then see, experience and purchase their fine artwork in Sarasota’s newest indoor, 8,900 square-foot, multi-purpose art exhibition space. The Ice House building is conveniently located at 1314 10th Street, a short drive from Burn’s Square, the heart of the festival, and only two blocks off Tamiami Trail.

The ‘Reimagining the Sarasota Chalk Festival Artists’ exhibit kicks off with the chalk artists attending an Opening Reception on November 14th and runs November 15th- 24th. There will be a sneak preview of the exhibit on November 12th for artists, invited guests and sponsors. Final show details including roster of artists and hours of operation will be announced soon at and

About Alfstad& Productions:
Founded in 2013 in the Rosemary District of Sarasota, Florida, Alfstad& Productions is exploring new ways to produce art, collaborate with artists and promote multidimensional art exhibitions. Its goal is to reimagine how to make and market art, and—in the process—create an art brand recognized worldwide.

About the Sarasota Chalk Festival:
The 2013 Sarasota Chalk Festival is a six-day event celebrating all forms of street and performance art. The 2013 theme is ‘Legacy of Valor: honoring veterans, inspiring patriotism, and embracing freedom.’ The theme is a tribute to, and celebration of, our freedoms and the people who make them possible. The festival aims to celebrate our veterans through the beautiful artworks created, and honor them through the numerous events and activities surrounding the festival.

The Festival runs November 13-18th, with the main festivities happening between November 15th and 18th. It will feature music, drama and dance, as well as the usual phenomenal art, and is free for all to participate in and attend. Last year’s event drew 200,000+ spectators. Details at or visit us at Facebook.